About Five seasons

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Five Seasons Comfort Limited, along with its sister company, Electro-Air Canada, have been manufacturing High Efficiency Air Cleaning Equipment for residential, commercial and industrial applications, since 1962.

Located in Concord, Ontario, Five Seasons operates in a favorable manufacturing climate, in a modern facility. Virtually every facet of the specialized manufacturing process takes place on-site, from in-house design, to production of hi-voltage power supplies and air proving switches, to complete metal fabrication.

Five Seasons success has been based on a visionary outlook that emphasizes helping those with allergies, asthma and respiratory diseases, including auto-immune diseases triggered by environmental pollutants. Striving for continuous product development, the company focuses on improving design, workmanship, fabrication technology, production efficiency and quality control.

Over the years, the companies have not only marketed their products under their own brand names, but exclusively brand label for many of the world’s largest HVAC OEM’s and retail chains. Five Seasons manufactures a complete line of residential, commercial and industrial air cleaning systems, from Electronic, to High Efficiency Media, to HEPA filtration, including Ultra Violet Light and Photo Catalytic filtration technologies.

Five Seasons continues to grow and diversify and within the last two years has been manufacturing a full line of Filter Housings and Filter Platforms for gas and electric furnaces and air handlers, making the sleekest, cleanest looking product, and easiest to install on the market, all at extremely low prices, for both residential and commercial applications. The Five Seasons engineering team is continuously improving production to produce economies of scale with the use of robotics.

As public awareness of indoor and environmental air quality concerns continue to increase, so does the demand for high quality air cleaning products and filter housings, at affordable prices. Five Seasons believes that we are all a product of our environment as we are what we eat, drink and breathe. We are committed to offering products that improve health and quality of life.