Filter Housings for Electric Air Handlers

MODELS FSFHE1420-2, FSFHE1620-2, FSFHE2020-2, FSFHE-2025-2, FSFHE2025-2N, FSFHE1420-3, FSFHE1620-3, FSFHE2020-3, FSFHE2020-3T, FSFHE2025-3, FSFHE2025-3N, FSFHE1420-6, FSFHE1620-6, FSFHE2020-6, FSFHE2020-6T, FSFHE2025-6, FSFHE2025-6N


Filter Housing Image

Features Include:

  • Constructed using today’s state-of-the-art technologies.
  • Designed to fit all electric air handlers through 5 tons.
  • Uses standard size pleated or panel filters and makes a clean and professional installation.
  • Fully hinged door with magnetic latch and integrated handle provide a tight seal, eliminating air and debris from entering the filter box from surrounding area. No panels or door to remove.
  • Removable rails are easy to change to accommodate different filter sizes.
  • Heavy 22 gauge galvanized sheet metal has been die cut for smooth edges, allowing for a smooth installation.
  • Solid cabinet design is spot welded and riveted for sturdiness and long life.
  • Tabs have rounded corners.
  • Mounting holes are provided for faster installation.
  • Individually boxed for convenient shipping and warehousing.

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