Commercial Ceiling Mount Air Cleaners

Commercial Ceiling Mount Air Cleaners

Sold world-wide, Five Seasons High Efficiency Commercial Electronic Air Cleaners are the most effective solution for a cleaner, healthier environment where everyone can work and relax together. The SSC Series Air Cleaners are designed for ceilings in bars, pubs, restaurants, cigar lounges, social clubs, bingo halls, designated smoking rooms, cafeterias and open concept offices. They remove tobacco smoke, cooking smoke and grease, dust, mold, bacteria and more. The SSCB-15’s clean, contemporary styling or the SSCB-7’s sleek, hi-tech looks will fit any decor.




Clean air is your answer to

  • Bigger Profits Your customers will dine more comfortably. They will eat more, drink more and come back more often.
  • Increased Employee Productivity and Morale Employees will suffer less from irritated eyes, nasal congestion and respiratory problems that lead to absenteeism.
  • Reduced Housekeeping and Redecorating Costs Ceilings, walls and furnishings will be protected from those very small black and greasy particles which cause staining. Protects expensive electronic equipment.
  • Lower Energy Bills Recycling rather than exhausting expensive heated or cooled air substantially lowers energy costs as much as 2/3’s.


How It Works Image

How It Works

Dirty, Smoky Air is drawn in through the bottom grill and Prefilters which capture large particles of dirt.

Electrostatic Collecting Cell(s) charge pollutants with a high voltage and attracts them to the grounded plates, where they adhere like a magnet until washed away.

Clean Air is then dispersed from the side grills in four directions allowing for a circular air flow pattern. Unlike flush-mount air cleaners, these models do not short cycle.

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