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Our products are all designed and manufactured in house, to provide the ultimate solutions for indoor air pollution. Here you will find the largest variety of air cleaning technologies on the market, whether for residential or commercial use. Our mandate is to help protect your health, your comfort, your furnishings and belongings, and your heating and cooling system.
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The Dirty Facts

The Dirty Facts on Indoor Air Quality will inform and enlighten you on what's really in the air you are breathing. Empower yourself with knowledge, make a difference in your life and take action.
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Here you will find answers to the most frequently asked questions about Five Seasons and Electro-Air products. If you need help sizing an application or deciding which product is right for you, then feel free to call or email us, and we will guide you to making the best decision.
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Did you know?

Did you know that you can reduce your own environmental impact, save energy, optimize your indoor air comfort, and ultimately improve your quality of life?

Studies show that poor indoor air quality affects the efficiency and life expectancy of your heating and cooling equipment. 1/32 inch of accumulation on the inside vanes of a blower wheel can reduce air flow by up to 30%. 1/32 inch of accumulation on a coil or heat exchanger can reduce heat and cooling efficiency by up to 16%. Poor air filtration can shorten the life of the heating and cooling equipment by up to 7 years. Heating & cooling equipment are the most expensive appliances in your home. Energy costs always exceed inflation and your heating and cooling equipment are the largest energy users in your home.

Five Seasons and Electro-Air Clean Air Solutions will help to keep your heating and cooling system clean and working at maximum efficiency, prolonging the life of the equipment, and reducing energy costs.

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Celebrating over 50 years in business, Five Seasons and Electro-Air Canada are true pioneers in the air cleaning industry. With continuous research and development, our products are manufactured under the strictest quality control standards and can be found around the world, under our own brand names or those of the largest OEMS.
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